Monday, April 04, 2005

I am so SMRT

The first edition of SMRT-TV is now in the hizzy, and by "hizzy," I mean "interweb." It's got several fine article about TV and it's run by our very own Liz. Check it out, I implore you.

And now, a SMRT-TV-related tale that should bring delight to you, and more than a little embarassment to me. I was emailing Liz earlier today about contributing to the website, and I also said that I could maybe help with copy editing, too. I stressed that I was willing to try editing despite the fact that I had "no real copy editing experience." But what the hey, I thought. I'm good with spelling and grammar and the like. I thought I could help despite, again, NO EDITING EXPERIENCE. Then I sent the email and went to lunch. On my way out of the building I stopped in the bathroom and as I was washing my hands I thought "Hey, I should have told Liz about the style manual that's on my desk at work. That could have been more of a recommendation as far as editing goes." Then I stopped and thought to myself, in a patient-yet-weary tone, "Jeff, why do you HAVE that style manual on your desk? Could it maybe be because a large part of your job is EDITING? That when you tell people what you do you say you are a TEST QUESTION EDITOR? And that you have been doing this job for a little over TEN MONTHS NOW?"

Yeah, no editing experience. Oh, except for those last ten months. Apparently I forget those really easily. Man, I am a MESS.

Anyway, SMRT-TV. Check it out.


Blogger jenni_powell said...

I think Out-Takes is my favorite so far...nice to see I'm not the only one who felt that way about Willow.

10:31 PM  

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