Friday, April 01, 2005

Also, some music

After Grant Morrison I finally got to see Kevin's band, The Wimbledons last night at the Viper Room. I enjoyed their "adult contemporary folk-rock stylings." Some of the slower songs didn't seem that far a cry from something Counting Crows might have done back when they were good, so I can get behind that. And that's just about all I have to say about that because I am shitty about verbally expressing my feelings about music. But I liked it!

A bit more Grant Morrison (there's no such thing as too much!). I was really interested in his description of why he didn't feel comfortable working in the Marvel universe. And I can respect that. My personal tastes trend toward that more gritty, realistic approach, but Morrison seems to be the only writer who can completely throw himself behind that sort of "gee whiz, crazy stuff is happening" approach and not make is seem infantile. And the DC universe is tailored more to those sensibilities. (Although if Countdown is any indication, then it won't be that way much longer, or at least until after Crisis 2.) So it's cool that Morrison doesn't work for Marvel as much. I think Bill Jemas did some great stuff with Marvel, but I'll never forgive him for nixing Marvel Boy 2. Marvel Boy's a personal favorite of mine.

UPDATE: Leslie has more on Morrison.


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