Friday, March 25, 2005

Belated big ups and some more comics

Big ups to Liz, who got me into the screening of Sin City. I didn't publically thank her for it until now because I'm a heel.

Seriously, I really recommend that you all get that Fillerbunny comic. The Rape-bo gag alone is worth the price of admission. The two pages where Fillerbunny tries to make a new friend is worth the price of three admissions. ("That bee! His name is Beebee! I love him! Hahahaha!") Shit, that's funny.

There was also a new collection of Queen and Country out this week entitled "Operation: Saddlebags." The issues contained therein lead up to the Q&C novel A Gentleman's Game, and let me just say that book? Is AWESOME. Queen and Country is one of the best books out there, and if you're comic-averse (why are you reading this, first of all) then now there's the novel to read, which fills you in on everything you need to know about the characters and their situation. So very good. If you like spy fiction, it's absolutely tops. It's by Greg Rucka.


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