Monday, March 21, 2005

Movies to see while you're baked

Might I recommend The Apple?

Might I recommend making up your own lyrics to the title song?

Wacky apple
Crazy apple
Eat the apple
Drink some snapple
Doopy dapple
Flippy flapple

And on and on and on.

Everyone do the apple dance!

Um, this would make more sense if you'd seen the movie. But I promise, Paul and Frank lauged like crazy when they read this.

UPDATE: Leslie has more on The Apple, including a link to a better website than I found that has the COMPLETE lyrics to "The Apple." Here's the bit that's easiest to make fun of:

Holy apple, mystery apple
Juju apple, oh voodoo apple
Sacred apple, holy apple
Trust the apple
Yeah, bite the apple

Bite the apple
Take the apple
Whoa, praise the apple
Whoa, yeah, yeah, yeah
Take a bite

Truly this song proves that the only real rhyme for "apple" is in fact "apple." Did I mention the guy singing the song is wearing only a sequined G-string? I didn't? Well, he is.


Blogger jenni_powell said...


I am in truely in awe that such a movie could exist...

10:01 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

If you do watch it, be sure to bring a bottle of tequila.

Hell, bring two.

9:25 AM  

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