Friday, March 11, 2005

So now who is it for?

This cracked me up. Remember when there was that backlash to Phantom Menace, and Jar Jar Binks in particular, and Lucas was like "Hey, now. These are kids' movies. They're not for you adults with your exacting standards of narrative fiction. Lighten up." Remember that? I guess he's allowing us back in his camp. "It's okay now, older audiences. You can come back. There's totally killing in this one! However, you kids? You don't get to know how the story ends. Sorry. Go watch those other movies I made. But only the special editions!" Sure, this new one has a darker tone, and I'm all for that, but I'm betting that wooden acting and laborious pacing will still rule the day. If Attack of the Clones proved anything, it's that Lucas and suck the drama out of any given scenario.


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