Monday, March 07, 2005

Helping out

Another true life miniature play!

(on the phone)
Frank: Are there any X-women or men who are robots?
Jeff: No, that's stupid.
Frank: No robots with mutant powers?
Jeff: No, because that's stupid.
Frank: I think think that's a really strong idea. Like a dog with Superman's powers.
Jeff: There's really only two ways you can go with that.
Frank: Yeah.
Jeff: I mean, there was Warlock. But he wasn't an X-Man, he was a New Mutant. And I'm really trying to avoid talking to you about Warlock. That's a dark path.
Frank: How do you spell "Mekanek?"
Jeff: M-E-K-A-N-E-K.
Frank: Oh, just one word?
Jeff: In He-Man, it's always just one word.
Frank: "He-Man" is two words.
Jeff: Yeah, but there's a hyphen. There's a bridge there.
Frank: I think "Evil-Lyn" was two words.
Jeff: No, that was hyphenated, too.
Frank: What was Captain Picard's name when he was turned into a Borg?
Jeff: Um... Locutus. Wait, how the fuck do I know that and you don't? I hated Next Generation!
Frank: I don't know.


That's just a portion of that half-hour conversation. Man, how do I not have a girlfriend right now?


Anonymous Paul said...

Locutus of Borg, to be exact. You know this because Locutus is a variation of the Latin "Loqus" which means "To Speak" and The Borg wanted to use Picard/Locutus as a kind of embassador to humanity. It's two years of Latin class still rattling around in your brain.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

But see, I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT EPISODE! I had no idea what the Borg's master plan for Picard was. How did I know that? Hooooow?

The only stuff from Latin class still rattling around my brain are the torments we inflicted on Rich the Freshman.

12:58 PM  

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