Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Super teen extraordinaire

Man, why don't they release Freakazoid! on DVD? I would buy that in a second. Get on it, Warner Brothers!

For those who never saw Freakazoid! it was the tale of a high school nerd who was given the ability to transform into the blue-skinned Freakazoid, who was ostensibly a superhero, but was mostly just a spazmo head-case. He was given his powers by the internet (oooh, it's soooo 1996!).

Freakazoid was assisted in his "crime fighting" by his contact on the polic force, the grim-faced Sgt. Cosgrove (played by Ed Asner!) who more often than not would distract Freakazoid from his duty by offering the chance to see a bear ride a motorcycle or go and see Congo in order to tell the difference between a real monkey and a guy in a monkey suit.

The show had a real "anything goes" style, often just throwing as much comedy as possible at the audience in order to see what would stick. Freakazoid would occasionally give brief crash courses in French or Norweigian. The narrator was known to interject in order to recite some of his naughty limmericks. One episode even had Jack Valenti interrupt the action so he could explain the MPAA rating system and show footage of a man fighting a bear for no reason (it was really Jack Velenti, too). And let's not forget the spot-on Johnny Quest parody "Toby Danger," which featured the immortal line "Just let me throw a barrel at it!"

Man, that show was great. How about it, DVD-making people?


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