Thursday, March 17, 2005

Leslie: Ace Reporter!

Leslie got her advanced copy of the Spring issue of Ms. Magazine, the first issue she worked on as a trusty intern. I was flipping through it, looking for the stuff she had contributed, and she said "Oh, it starts on page twenty something..." and we flipped some pages and then she said, "Here we go. It starts here and ends (several pages flipped) here." She wrote like five entire pages of this magazine! I knew she had been contributing stuff, but I figured it would be a short bit here, a blurb there, that sort of thing. Which isn't a slam on Leslie's writing but more that I didn't think they'd let an intern contribute so much. But she did this whole big chunk! It's totally awesome. Go buy a copy when it comes out. The totally bland cover was not her fault. And she did the calender, even though she isn't credited.


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