Wednesday, March 23, 2005

This week's comics

A few highlights from this week's purchases:

Fillerbunny: My Worst Book Yet! - Man, it's been waaaaaaay too long since Jhonen Vasquez gave us a comic. For those who don't know, Fillerbunny is an adorable pink rabbit bred in a terrifying genetics lab for the sole purpose of taking up space with his comedic hi-jinks. And since this is a Vasquez book, horrible yet hilarious things happen to him constantly. Fillerbunny's life is agony, and his agony is our amusement. Here's a quick quote! "Hey, ya think they'd like watching me sob uncontrollably for, I dunno, a few hours? Well, I could do a little jig dance while crying. How's that?" This issue, Fillerbunny is given a new friend: Aborto! Yes, he's just like he sounds. This book is pure comedic joy. Don't ever leave us again, Jhonen.

Livewires #1 and #2 - Whoa! Who commissioned this book? This is like something Marvel would have put out under Jemas. Maybe this whole "Marvel Next" thing will yield something other than teenaged, reverse-sexed versions of classic, older heroes. The basic story follows a group of humanoid robots, created by a "top secret quasi-governmental project" whose sole purpose is to destroy other top secret governmental projects. Beyond that genius premise, we also get dialogue like this: "Unlike my wussified, barely-superhuman chassis, her body is a massively hyperdense assembly of smartware tailored for 'Hulksmashitude.' So she's 500 adorable pounds of beat-'em-uppiness!" Characters include the likes of Gothic Lolita, Stem Cell, and Hollowpoint Ninja. This is the sort of hyperkinetic insanity that I can really get behind. Writing and layouts are by Adam Warren, basically the closest thing to Warren Ellis' style the States can claim. A remarkably fun read. And a new idea. From Marvel. I know. I'm scared, too.

Seven Soldiers: The Manhattan Guardian - How is it that Grant Morrison seems to be the only working comic book writer who can take crap old Silver Age ideas and make them really fresh and interesting while still retaining their original sense of wonder? Anyway, former police officer Jake Jordan passes the most intense job interview ever and becomes the Manhattan Guardian, the superheroic masthead of a newspaper interested in not only reporting crime, but fighting it, too. Oh, and there are subway pirates and a golem because why the hell not? To sum up, it's Grant Morrison and it's Seven Soldiers so it is safe to assume that I liked it very much indeed.


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