Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Also, Puppy Bowl

Man, Puppy Bowl. You are something else.

It was tough to beat the "grand finale" of the Kitty Half-Time Show, where they dropped a bunch of confetti on the kittens and the kittens just cowered in terror. Probably not the reaction Animal Planet was looking for.

Still, puppies!


Blogger Alan said...

Agreed! Nothing could top the petrified kittens. Man, they so wanted the sweet release from prison in the worst way. And how about the personal foul on the puppy that took a dump on the "field?"

I have to say, the Puppy Bowl is a recipe for dymentia. After about ten minutes of consecutive viewing, you won't know what day it is, time will cease to exist, and you'll be so transfixed on the screen that you won't notice the ginormous strand of saliva spilling out of your mouth and on to the couch cushions.

4:18 PM  

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