Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Dudes, you know that all the cool kids are going to be at the Mayday screening, right? Everybody can't wait to see all those 24-hour films.

ANYONE AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME, so come to the screening and be sure to vote for Team Atrox in all categories because frankly, we think we're due. Granted this is the first film we've turned in on time, but what are you gonna do? Also, voting for us is dependent on our film making it past the initial judging (picking 12 finalists from the 15 films), but I'm pretty confident we'll clear that, since what audience can resist not one but TWO silly German accents? No audience I'm interested in kicking it with, that's who!

Uh, what was I talking about? Right, the screening. Go to it. When/where/how much details at the Mayday site.


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