Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day

Who has two thumbs and had an awesome weekend?


(Uh, I'm pointing to myself. With my thumbs.)

You better believe this weekend rocked ultimate! On the one hand it feels like it flew right by, and on the other Friday seems a million years ago. Chock full of adventure, is what I'm saying.

Friday night was Mike's sketch comedy show at the UCB theater, which was really funny. Plus Mike got to do his killer-ass Rod Serling impression. And I don't care what Corinne says, "Tom Sawyer" is an awesome song. Afterwards some of us went back to Laurel and Trumbo's place and watched Trapped in the Closet and if you haven't seen it, there's no way to describe it. It is simply a trash-pop masterpiece.

Saturday was Jared and Anne-Elisa's wedding, and it was really fantastic. The ceremony was great, with Asa doing a fine job as officiant. The whole thing took place on the roof of the Mariott in Marina Del Rey so we got to watch the sun set as we ate dinner. Not too shabby. Trumbo was the DJ for the reception and did his usual bang-up work. All I'm saying is that any party that ends with 50 people all singing along to "Don't Stop Believing" at the top of their lungs is okay in my book. Also, Mike is a drunk-in-the-face. Anyway, congrats to Jared and Anne-Elisa. I think they're off in Australia right now so good on them.

Sunday Paul, Frank and I hit Runyon Canyon and this Lindsay came out and joined us for lunch. Afterwards we hit Golden Apple then headed back to my place (sans Frank, who had to go to work like a stupe) where we just sat around and read comics for a few hours. Liz came over then and we all met up with Nell and Brooke at The Lava Lounge for some karaoke. It was a fine time except along the way I got all tired and surly. Then I went home and slept for nine hours, so that was all right. Also the evening brought the "Don't Stop Believing" sing-along count for the weekend up to two.

Monday was the annual Memorial Day barbeque at the Hollywood House, and not to sound like a broke record, but it was a great time. Just eating, drinking, playing various games of both the physical and board variety, and relaxing in various chairs and hammocks. That is the recipe for a fine party. Some time around 11 I was up in Asa's room and I noticed he got that Mega Man Anniversary game, that has all 8 original Mega Man games plus two unreleased-in-the-US arcade games. Anyway, Asa and I built up quite a head of steam talking about how awesome that series of games is, until finally Asa was just like "Let's go play it right now!" So we ran downstairs and did just that. So instead of going home at 11:30 like I had planned, I stayed up until 1 AM playing Mega Man II with everyone who was left at the party. Man, Mega Man II is the shit. The perfect way to cap off the awesome weekend.


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