Monday, June 12, 2006

Mayday weekend!

Woo! Mayday!

It was a really great time. There were a ton of people there, the venue had plenty of space, and the Psychic Bunny guys did a great job of bringing it all together. It rocked. Thanks, guys!

Our movie did all right. The audience seemed to really like it, and we ended up winning two awards: Most Deserving of Jams and Jellies and Best Line (for "Good thing I've got a doctorate in jujitsu!"). And really, the quality of the films overall was easily the best in Mayday history. Most everyone brought their A-game, and that was great to see. Afterwards, Alan's brother Cell Fone kicked out the jams, but just as with every Mayday, 90% of the crowd fled immediately. Screw those guys! But that also meant that the only people who stuck around were all awesome people, so that was nice. There was some dancing and additional drinking. Ugh, drinking. Earlier that week I had thought "Hey, I should really cut down on the drinking," but then at Mayday I got completely wrecked. The end of the night is not wholly in focus. So sorry if I made an ass out of myself. More than usual, that is.

Saturday Emory and I watched the original Drunken Master, which was great, and then that night a big group of us headed to the cemetery to see The Philadelphia Story. I had never seen the movie before, and it was great. Then afterwards some of us went back to my place and stayed up playing with the kitten and talking until like 3:30 AM. It was nice. And I didn't even drink that much!

Sunday we saw A Prairie Home Companion, which I liked quite a bit indeed, and afterwards I bought that Megaman compilation that we played the other weekend at Asa's. I even managed to beat Megaman III before Paul and Lindsay came over. Corinne came over as well and we watched the premieres of Entourage, Deadwood, and The 4400. The HBO shows were as fine as ever, but The 4400 is really shaping up nicely. It's pretty much turned into X-Men the series, and I can think of worse things.


Blogger Alex said...

Wasn't Mutant-X "X-Men: the Series"???

4:46 PM  
Blogger -Laurel- said...

4400 is back? Let me know next time you are watching it. I liked that show and I want to mooch your cable!

10:30 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

You and EVERYONE ELSE ON EARTH. But I don't mind.

New 4400 eps are on Sundays, but we're DVRing them, so they can be watched whenever. I think we deleted the premiere already, though.

The 4400? Better than X-Men 3.

9:33 AM  

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