Wednesday, July 12, 2006

More Comic Con

You'll just have to bear with me until it's over, folks.

All the programming for the show is up, and there are much fewer panels this year that I have an active interest in. I'll definitely hit up the Veronica Mars panel this year, since Kristen Bell will atually be there this time out, and there's no way I'll miss the Grant Morrison/Deepak Chopra panel (because, WHAT?), but most of the "big ticket" Hall H panels don't really do it for me. Then again, I only went to maybe half the panels I planned on going to last year, so I doubt I'll be bored. And I have to schedule out when I'm getting my few signatures, too. Fortunately, Clowes seems to be signing at the Fantagraphics booth a lot.

Just a week now. Good times.


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