Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So, my life

I haven't actually talked about myself on here for like ten days! The blogosphere doesn't know what to do with itself!

Sorry I said "blogosphere."

What have I been doing? Let me try to part the mists of time, and have a glance at my memories of the last week and a half. There was... a wedding? No, that's too far back. There was the fourth of July. Right. Anyway, a short list.

- I went to three different BBQs over the fourth of July "weekend" (I had to work Monday WHATEVER, JOB), including one at Carrie's friend's boss's house, one at Sam's, and one at Rob and Yaiza's. They were all delightful.

- A group of us watched Heroes of the East, aka Shaolin Challenges Ninja, which proved to be a delightful romantic comedy on top of a fine kung-fu flick. Gordon Liu just flat-out rules.

- We saw Dr. Strangelove at the Hollywood Forever cemetery, which proved just as great as one might hope. And unlike Butch Cassidy there were no necking couples to block my view. Excellent! Then we went to Laurel and Trumbo's to hang out, which was fun, and Laurel got all drunk and loopy, which was funny.

- This past Friday night I wound up doing nothing at all. I stayed at home and wrote. Good for me, I guess.

- Saturday night I had dinner with Lindsay, Frank, Paul, and Liz, but then when we were finished up at 11:30 everyone was like "Unh, I have to get up early," "I'm tired," "I hate spending time with Jeff," etc. So I called Alan and found that he and some other people were at a party not too far away, so I hopped a bus and met them there. Then we went to another party and then back to Hollywood House. Some of us wound up sitting in a kiddie pool freezing our butts off at 5 in the morning for reasons that were unclear then and are even more unclear now.

- Sunday we saw Pirates 2 at a matinee, and it was just fine. Like Pirates 1, only with some better action and an awesome-looking Davy Jones. Then we went back to Llama School and watched Deadwood, which was BAD ASS. I love that show so damn much.


Blogger Lindsay said...

I hate spending time with you.
That's why I went home.
Not at all because I was tired, and not at all because I'm a square.

11:49 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...


11:56 AM  
Blogger PJay said...

I was amazed that a movie entitled "Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest" ended up being even MORE piratey than I was expecting.

8:23 AM  

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