Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Up in the sky

So, I hear Superman returned!

It was a good movie. Solid. Steeped in the first two films, but since I knew that going in, it didn't really bother me. Basically it was the Donner approach minus all the cartoonishness (save for perhaps Lex's master plan, which ultimately makes no sense). There were good performances throughout. I was particularly impressed with Brandon Routh. Spacey and Parker Posey were great together, and Jimmy Olsen had some really impressive comic timing. And Marsden! He was great, too. Tragic underusage of Kal Penn, but at least he got a nice paycheck from it, I'm sure.

There were some beautiful moments. Superman falling from space after removing the crystal. Superman's line "I hear everything" and all that that implies. The airplane crash was awesome. Superman's beating at the hands of Lex's goons was really pretty heartbreaking.

But it's a long movie, and you notice that. And there's a point where Superman lifting shit just doesn't do it for you anymore. In its last act the movie kept losing my attention and then winning it back. It's not a masterpiece or anything, but I liked it.


Blogger Alex said...

When I was very young I always hated that scene in Superman II where non-powered Clark gets beat up in the diner. Sad to say, but if I was five and saw "The Passion of the Superman" sequence in SR I probably would have run out of the theater in tears.

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