Sunday, June 25, 2006

Why the internet exists


Sans the 3D naturally, but there it is, in all its cheesy-ass glory.


Blogger Paul said...

That movie is exactly as I remembered it, a masterpiece of economy of storytelling.

Sadly it is maybe the thrid or fourth best of Coppola's post '70s films.

I hadn't realized before now that Hooter was played by Tony Cox, the little person actor from "Bad Santa," or that prior to "Captain Eo" he had played Ewoks in not only "Return of the Jedi", but also both "Ewok Adventrue" and "Battle for Endor." To the best of my knowledge he plays a different Ewok in each film.

Also, he was in "Willow" but what little person wasn't?

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Blogger Liz said...


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