Thursday, June 22, 2006

Comics that are rad

All the ones I read this week!

Astonishing X-Men #15 - Oh Whedon, I can't stay mad at you. Sure, "Danger" wound up sucking, and I can't deny that I detest the "White Queen's been evil this whole time" plot, but here you've actually gotten me excited about this title again. Sure, you're just riffing on old Claremont stuff (like Morrison did) only without making any actual changes in the tone or status quo (like Morrison did), but dammit, this is about as good as the old superhero soap opera formula gets, and I thank you for it. (You just know Whedon popped a boner when he wrote that last page. I, for one, had a good laugh.)

All Star Superman #4 - Reading this book is one of the bright shining stars of my life right now. It's just so full of heedless joy. How on earth does Morrison do this crazy Silver Age shit while still finding a relatable human emotional core? HOW??????? Whatever. It's the greatest.

Cassanova #1 - The new book from Image to follow the Fell format (16 pages of comics for $1.99), the first issue is actually 32 SOLID PAGES of comics for the same cheap price. Sold! The price and my enjoyment of Matt Fraction's The Five Fists of Science OGN convinced me to buy this first issue, and I'm pleased to say that I liked it enough to come back. I'd try to explain the plot, but it's a busy book and involves floating telepathic heads, 60's spy tropes, parallel universes, and robot sex slaves, so just trust me when I say it is good and buy the thing. It's two bucks, for crying out loud.

The Fate of the Artist - I just finished this new OGN from Eddie Campbell over lunch today. It's fascinating. You will remember Mr. Campbell, at the very least, as the artist on From Hell, as well as many other projects (including an extremely odd issue of Joe Casey's run on Uncanny X-Men), and this is an autobiographical work in which Eddie Campbell does not actually appear. Told in varying styles of prose, Sunday funnies, photography, and straight-up comics, this is another tough one to describe (at least, given the fact that I write these entries during lulls at work), and I certainly want to read it again before I really tackle it in a public forum like this, so let me just say that it was extremely involving and someone else should buy it so we can talk about it.


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