Monday, June 26, 2006

So, that weekend

Not quite the rip-snortin' adventure that my post on Friday might lead you to believe, but a good time nonetheless.

It was one of those weekends where I went to be relatively early each night, but was awake so early in the morning that I still didn't really catch up on any sleep. Stupid biological functions.

Friday night I just sort of bummed around my apartment, waiting for my friend Meaghan to arrive. She was staying at Llama School for the weekend, since she was in town for the wedding. But her plane was late, so I just kicked it at home by myself all night. When she got in Corinne came over and we talked for a bit, but Meg had flown in direct from IRELAND, so we let her get some sleep. I insisted she take my bed while I slept on the futon, since I would imagine that traveling for 24 straight hours and then sleeping on an uncomfortable futon while being assaulted by cats would be NO FUN AT ALL. Of course, that meant that I was on the futon being assaulted by cats, so going to bed around 12:30 didn't mean much when the cats woke me up consistently.

Saturday Corinne came by and picked us up to head to Rachel's wedding. Trumbo rode with us, too. Oxy reunion! It was 1999 all over again! Anyway, the wedding was a nice time. Nice ceremony, good reception, fun time for all. The only downside was that there was a weird two-hour gap between the ceremony and the reception, so our car, as well as Kim and and our old Oxy friend Barry, spend the lull at this restaurant/bar. Hilariously, the restaurant would not serve Barry a beer because his license was expired, even though he was the oldest one of us. It was sort of sad. But mostly funny. Anyway, the reception was nice, everyone was in high spirits, Rachel was giddy, and we had a good time. Naturally we missed the cemetery screening of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. I meant to hook up with the team who went to the screening after the wedding, but I fell dead asleep on the ride home. I might have had something to drink at the wedding, so sue me.

Naturally that meant that the cats woke me up at 7:30 and I couldn't get back to sleep. Stupid pets. So I played Mega Man until Meg got up, and then we had some lunch and went to see Wordplay with Paul, Frank, Lindsay, and Mike. That movie is DELIGHTFUL. I had a really great time. Afterwards we all went back to my place to hang out, eat hot wings, and watch Deadwood. Woo! Brian Cox!

Oh, and the ex-girlfriend quotient for the weekend was reduced by one when Ali decided not to come down after all, but I half-expected that anyway, so no matter. I had a fine time, regardless.


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