Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Movies I've seen recently

I already told you how much I liked Wordplay, right? My feelings have not changed. It's really quite something.

In order to kill time before Deadwood this week, we watched Batman Returns. That's still one of my favorite movies. Hiariously, Batman in only in like 45 minutes of that movie, tops. But then there's always the old argument that each of the major characters in the film is a facet of Batman's fractured psyche, so take that as you will.

Last night was the second installment of Man of Steel Mondays over at Frank's, and a bunch of us watched Superman II. It's a vast improvement over Superman, despite some intense goofiness and the faux-Gene Hackman. But it totally delivers on the action front. But then I am a sucker for a film in which one flying dude kicks another flying dude into a giant electrical sign. And Terence Stamp is just so great. Do you ever think that if Kal-El had just kneeled before him a little earlier, a lot of time could have been saved? That's all the man wants, after all.


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