Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tales from the Long Weekend

Manic-depressive weekend a-go-go!

Aw, that's not fair. My weekend was full of excitement and good times, but by Monday I was in a crappy mood and I'm not sure why. (This post is long and largely uninteresting! Enjoy!)

Chrome Embrace went well, both Friday and Sunday nights, and all sorts of our friends came out to see it. Actually, I thought I kind of sucked both nights, but other people seemed to like it, so who am I to argue? As I noted to McKenna one night, "The helmet does all the heavy lifting for me." No one can resist the helmet! No really, it went very well. Some laughs went on so long that it was like "Jesus, people! We need to keep this thing moving, here!" Always nice. Plus, there was drinking afterwards. And I'm always in favor of that!

Saturday was Busy McNonstop. I got up early to meet Paul and Mike, and we headed to the EnigmaCon at UCLA. Now our thought was that maybe we could hit this con and hand out postcards to the nerd peoples who might be interested in our show. So Paul, Mike and I met Darren and his friend Chandler there, we all got some postcards, and we were ready to go. Great plan, until we realized that EnigaCon is the Saddest Con in the World! By which I mean, EnigmaCon consisted almost solely of panels, which meant there was no dealer area, and almost nowhere for people to congregate so we could assault them with advertising. Also, there were maybe 50 people in attendance. We tried to hit the couple of spots that were open all day, like the art show and the lounge, but there was no one there. Then we dropped in on this Star Trek panel, and it was so dry and boring and Walter Koenig was there, but he looked like he wanted to die, so we quietly excused ourselves and gave up on the whole deal. I mean, we might have been psyched if we had any interest in the panels, but we didn't, so it was sort of a bust. Good thing it was free! But then Paul, Mike, and I met Nell and a friend of hers for pizza so everything was okay.

I spent the rest of Saturday drinking, first at Corinne's birthday BBQ, then at Trumbo and Laurel's place. I got way too drunk at Trumbo's. The cops came, and everyone sort of left at that point, but I was too drunk to drive (or stand, really) and I remember Laurel saying "Hey, you can crash on the couch," and I said "Nah, I'm fine right here!" THUMP! Just conked out in the middle of the floor. Which is where I regained consciousness at 5:30AM. Then I drove home and slept for real, and I felt fine after that.

After the show on Sunday I finally got to meet Frank's friend Laura from Chicago. She's great. She should move out here. After we left the bar on Sunday it was still relatively early, so on my way home I stopped by Sardo's to wish Brenda a happy birthday. And Josh was there, too, so it was nice to see them both.

Monday I sat around and did nothing, as one should do with one's holidays.


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