Thursday, May 26, 2005

Miracle cure

Listen, I don't want to overstate the potency of Vick's DayQuil, but I'll just say that I took one shot of the stuff last night and I got my voice back. I took another shot this morning and my sore throat is completely gone.

It's funny because last night after rehearsal I was really nervous, since my voice didn't seem to be improving at all and may actually have become worse. Plus my throat was really hurting. And I was like "Great, I'm screwed." So I grabbed some DayQuil at Ralph's on the way home and seriously, the moment I took it, it was like a magical healing light. Don't ask me to sing tenor anytime soon, but I totally talk normal again.

The conclusion we can come to here is that I lead a charmed life.


Blogger jenni_powell said...

I wrote a poem about the joys of DayQuil once.

No joke.

10:43 AM  

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