Wednesday, May 18, 2005


So I guess Kelsey Grammer will be playing Beast in X3. That's a good choice. Vinnie Jones is the Juggernaut, and I'm always glad to see Vinnie Jones. The writers are one of the guys with story credit on X2 and the writer of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. They're also two of the writing "forces" that brought you Elektra. As Emory has noted to me in the past, we are now in an era where our superhero movies are entering uncharted and possibly disasterous territory. I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.

Here's what I'll say about Star Wars, then I can put it away. Anyone who says the prequels are Anakin's story are drunk. Were they Anakin's story, he would have at one point been likeable, and then we would have actually learned what made him go bad. The prequels are the Empire's story. We now know, step by step, how the Empire came to be. Which is all fine on paper, but in actualily is about as fun as watching the proverbial paint dry. The consensus about Episode III seems to indicate that it's the best of the lot, but what damn do I give about characters I've never liked carrying out actions whose results are already known to me? I am Done with Star Wars, just as I was Done with The X-Files. I can go back to the happier times, look at the better previous installments, but none of it will really make my heart soar anymore. I've moved on.

Still, Empire. Damn, that's a good movie.


Blogger HappySam said...

cyber geek to the max

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emory's friend (the one who saw Ep III at one of the first showings) says it's the worst of the new trilogy by a mile.


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