Thursday, May 12, 2005

Adventures and surprises

Sweet, sweet Veronica Mars. Truly you are the brightest star on the non-pay-cable networks. Despite being pretty poorly shot and more than a little hectic, the season finale was still totally awesome. Not quite as good as last week's episode, I thought, but still awesome. And there were several frustrating cliffhangers for next season's premiere. Frustrating only in the sense that I have to wait for months and months. I can't remember the last show I watched that had a season-ending cliffhanger. X-Files, I guess, and we all remember how long ago that was. Man, when are those DVDs coming out? I want to watch the whole thing again, knowing what I know now.

About 15 minutes before the end, though, I got a phone call. I didn't answer it (right in the middle of the climax, here!), but it turned out to be Ali. She was in town for the night on her way to Arizona to begin her new life adventures, and wanted to see how I was doing. We agreed to meet for coffee this morning. I pulled up to where she was staying around 7 AM, and she came staggering out of the house, holding her hand up to protect from the glare of the sun and muttered "There's not many people I would get up this early for." Awwww! She's going to be interning in Arizona for the summer, then she'll come back to CA so she can go to grad school in the fall of next year. But it was good to see her, no matter how briefly. I've kind of been in a pissy mood all week, and seeing Ali cheered me immensely. That and finally catching up on sleep lost since this weekend.


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