Monday, May 02, 2005

Important Psychonauts update

I beat it this weekend. The final level is a nightmare, literally and figuratively. Oh, the horrible meat grinding sounds. Also, I'm pretty sure the last boss is voiced by the guy who did LeChuck in The Curse of Monkey Island. And the main character's dad was Principal Snyder on Buffy.

I wish I could say I didn't spend all of Saturday night on Psychonauts, but that would be a lie. Friday night I went over to Frank's and helped move some furniture around and then Jess and I stayed up late drinking and talking as Frank snoozed on the floor. It's an important step for Jess and I that we can stay up late drinking in moderation, so we don't end up shit-faced and slapping each other around. I think we're making great progress. Shame she's moving to New York at the end of the week.


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