Monday, January 16, 2006


This was one of those weekends where the Friday is so good you're like "Well, I guess that's it for this weekend," and then Saturday and Sunday are like "Think again, motherfucker!" and then you kind of never stop having a good time.

Friday night was Nell's big surprise party. That girl was SURPRISED. There was much drinking, dancing, and singing. Frank drank a LOT, and at one point slunk out to the porch to die. Eventually Nell put him to bed. Like all great parties, there came a point where there were just a few brave souls left to really carry the torch. Nell, Will, Lindsay, Brooke and I went to Izzy's at 3 in the morning and Brooke was too embarassed to order both a hot dog AND a tuna melt, even though she wanted both, so she ordered the hot dog and then I ordered the tuna melt so she could go ahead and feast on them both because damn, girl, it's a party. I crashed on Nell/Brooke/Whitney's couch (since my ride was passed out in the next room), and only got like three hours of fitful sleep before Whitney woke me up on her way to stupid work. So I spent all of Saturday bleary-eyed and groggy, but it was okay because Brooke and Frank got up and we met Nell, Will, and Lindsay for some sweet-ass brunch. I had chicken fried steak and it was the greatest.

When I finally got home Frank came up and watched Alien Nation with Emory while I dicked around with my digital camera. In the evening Lindsay made the trek out to Hollywood like the classy dame she is and gave me a lift to Culver City to ice skate. I hadn't been ice skating in 2 billion years, but just like in my youth, I developed blisters in like three seconds. I guess I never really learned how to ice skate right. Eventually I just had to sit down and then Nell and Lindsay joined me and we just watched people skating. The best people were a hippy-looking guy who did break-dance skating (for reals) and the little red-headed girl who just skate-walked. She was just trucking along. Lindsay gave me a ride back to Hollywood and she was going to come up and hang out (Paul had just come over) but we couldn't find parking so she just dropped me off. It was too bad, because little did I know that my place would soon be hosting a secret party. Of course at the time all I wanted to do was go to bed.

When I got up to the place, Paul was there, and Leslie and Erika, and Aimee was on her way over, so we watched the latest episode of the American Office. That show has not only come into its own, but it kind of strides the earth as a comedy colossus. That episode was SO FUNNY. "Please? I have Country Crock." Good God it was great. After that we called Mike to see what he was up to, and he had just finished bowling with some other kids, so he, Corinne, Laurel, and Asa came over and we played a few spirited rounds of "Apples to Apples," which is a damn great game. Most of those guys hadn't seen the apartment yet, so we got to show it off since's it's looking less like a disaster area and more like a place where people live. As Asa noted, "You seem to be putting more effort into this place than you ever put into the old place." It's true. So everyone had a fine time. And then I passed out for 10 hours.

Sunday (I'm sorry this is so long. Stop reading. Go away.) evening Paul, Frank, and I trekked out to Michael's in Burbank to buy some supplies for an upcoming Atrox short. And even though we got a tad lost on the way and Paul was nearly out of gas and we were worried we'd be stranded and assaulted by Burbankian hillbillies (Shut up! They exist!), we made it there fine and everything was cool. Plus they had half-off on a bunch of picture frames, so I bought several. It was great. Later, Frank drove us over to Boardwalk 11 for Alexandra's birthday party. A fine karaoke time was had by all. I performed "Take It Easy" by The Eagles, which I had never done before but went very well, and I also backed up Liz, performing the Wicked G bit at the end of "Shoop," which was a big hit. Two strange girls came up to me afterwards and demanded high-fives. No one can resist the power of Wicked G.

I only got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep AGAIN last night, and yet I'm feeling okay. I know I'm beating this into the ground, but 2006, man. Yeah.


Anonymous Lindsay said...

i can't believe i didn't hang out because of parking. i'm ashamed of myself. AND I missed a secret party. bummer.

11:54 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

No, it's okay. There was seriously NO PARKING. You'll get 'em next time.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Frank said...

2006! Are you in it? Then perhaps you've noticed everything around you is awesome!

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Lindsay said...

i second that. 2006 is AWESOME, most certainly.

2:06 PM  

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