Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"They broke his kung-fu!"

Emory and I are now on a little bit of a 70's martial-arts kick, since we saw Master of the Flying Guillotine the other week. There's a character in that movie who can make his arms grow to ridiculous lengths. Also, there's an old man with a hat that can collect your head. Not like a hat with a razor rim or whatever, like Oddjob or that guy in Mortal Kombat have, but a hat that's like a little cage that lands on your head and severs it at the neck. And the hat it attached to a chain that the old man holds so he just pulls your head off and collects it, because that is how the Master of the Flying Guillotine rolls.

Last night we watched the first half of Five Deadly Venoms. These movies are really dumb and kind of boring, but I'm having a good time. After Emory went to bed I had to play some Ninja Gaiden to come down off the kung-fu high. Only by dicing up Taironese soldiers with my Vigorian Flail was my bloodlust sated. That game is the SHIT.


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