Thursday, June 01, 2006

Yesterday I did awesome things

As part of a general self-improvement plan, Frank and I ran up in Runyon Canyon yesterday. Yeah, we RAN. We ran up the steep way to the first plateau (before it gets REALLY steep), hiked up the steep part (which actually turned out to be the hardest thing, since we were so beat from the initial run) and then we jogged all the way back down. Did you know that it is easier to run downhill than uphill? SCIENCE. Anyway, it was great. We're hoping to start doing it a few times a week, so wish us luck.

Afterward we picked up Paul and went to see Miller's Crossing at the New Beverly. If I could have that movie's baby, I would. It's just so great. And it has one of my favorite title scores ever. I first saw it on video back in high school when I was in my post-Fargo Coen Brothers craze, but I didn't really appreciate it until college, when I read and re-read the screenplay about a million times freshman year. "Don't smart me. I want to watch you squirm. I want to see you sweat a little. And when you smart me, it ruins it." It's probably my third-favorite Coen Brother film, behind Fargo and The Big Lebowski. Hey, when are those guys going to make a decent movie again?


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