Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Those damn CW ads

Those print and bus ads for the CW are TERRIBLE.

When I saw the ad for Gilmore Girls I thought "Is that Alexis Bleidel or just some random girl?" I really couldn't tell. Couldn't tell from the Smallville one, either. And I didn't know what the One Tree Hill cast looked like, so that one didn't help. I genuinely believed The CW had just taken photos of random people excited for their shows. I was only convinced they actually featured the actors when I saw the Top Model ad and it was unmistakenly a picture of Tyra Banks. God, those are TERRIBLE PHOTOS. Everyone looks awkward, or washed-out, and the pictures look like they were blown up from wallet size, or something. They're really blurry.

So not a great start for The CW.

(I was worried for a bit, becuase as of two days ago the only "big" CW show that I hadn't seen an ad for was Veronica Mars, but then on Monday my bus home from work had the promo plastered on its side. Always nice to see confirmation that it will indeed exist in the fall, although Kristen Bell's "I'm an ickle widdle girl" expression makes me want to throw up a thousand times.)


Blogger chris said...

speaking of kristen bell, did you see reefer madness? because if not, you probably should.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I have indeed seen Reefer Madness, and found it to be a good time. The songs are a little repetitive, but it's as close to capturing the joy of Little Shop of Horrors as any musical has really gotten.

8:40 AM  

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