Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eyes bleary, head pounding

That was my status on Sunday. How did it happen? Come with me, back to three days ago... (oooh, it's like a Bendis script)

Friday night Kim, Paul and I met Carrie at the Formosa to send her off, back to New York. She'll return to us someday. Probably January.

Saturday we caught an afternoon showing of Snakes on a Plane. It was just fine, thanks, and gave me everything I wanted (by which I mean snakes that were on a plane). And it was really cool to learn that the mild threat Sam Jackson makes on your life in the message you can send folks to promote the film actually turned out to be key dialogue.

That night was Adam's big bachelor party, and a fine time was had. Lots of video games were played and many drinks were had. Unfortunately I got wrecked too early, and all my game-playing skills went in the toilet. Also, I yelled a lot and was probably very annoying. The last thing I remember was checking what time it was in the bathroom and actually yelling "4:45? Fuck you!" to my phone. Then Kevin and Asa woke me up at like 9 fucking 30 to go eat breakfast. Apparently I had crashed on the loveseat. So I felt like shit all day Sunday. And I mean ALL DAY. Anyway, I think Adam had a fine old time and that's what was truly important.

Now I just really want to play more Goldeneye. Hey Mike! Bring your N64 to Llama School one night! Or weekend!

Sunday I lay around, praying for death. And the usual folks swung by for Deadwood. That show rocks my socks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will do.

- M

11:55 PM  
Blogger chris said...

just in case you aren't already aware, required related time-wasting which is far more amusing than it should be:


1:19 AM  

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