Thursday, August 17, 2006

What more can man require?

Nowadays all this blog is good for is telling you of upcoming movie news.

Looks like that long-rumored Depp/Burton Sweeney Todd is legit, or at least legit enough to be on MSN.

Could be a disaster, but it should at least be interesting. But who'll play Mrs. Lovett?


Anonymous Frank said...

As long as we're gabbing about entertainment news, this is from the WENN report on the IMDb yesterday:

"Phillippe Lands Two-Face Role?

"Ryan Phillippe may be set to take over from Tommy Lee Jones after reportedly landing the role of Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the upcoming Batman Begins sequel. Reese Witherspoon's husband will join Heath Ledger, who has signed on to play The Joker, and new Batman Christian Bale in The Dark Knight. Crash star Phillippe beat Liev Shreiber and Josh Lucas to the role of the scheming district attorney, played by Jones in 1995 movie Batman Forever, according to internet reports. Academy Award winners Sir Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman have also joined the cast, while fellow Oscar winner Philip Seymour Hoffman is in talks to play The Penguin in the new film."

First of all, this sounds like a fine casting choice. I don't think Phillippe's a big gun, per se, but I think he's not terrible, and he's hard working, and he really could pull off the right combination of serious, idealistic, and pretty boy to play a young Harvey Dent, especially opposite Christian Bale. I also sort of like Phillippe in general because I like his wife, I think he picks ambitious -- if ultimately terrible -- projects ([i]Way of the Gun[/i], [i]Crash[/i]), and I still carry a guilty soft spot for [i]Cruel Intentions[/i]. And he's appeared in an OutKast video.

Also, this is the first announcement I've spotted of the planned title "[i]The Dark Knight[/i]," which I think could be awesome.

That said, BOO on the World Entertainment News Network and on the IMDb for failing to mention BILLY DEE WILLIAMS in this popfotainment blurb. Tommy Lee Jones didn't even PLAY a "scheming district attorney" in [i]Batman Forever[/i] (except for three seconds on a video monitor before he got acid in the face)!

Finally, specific choices aside, BOO on the brothers Warner and Nolan for failing time and again to cast anybody but white people in this movie (Morgan Freeman excepted).

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Goddamn HTML.

4:49 PM  
Blogger -Laurel- said...

it's like this < i > < /i >

8:19 PM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Thanks, Laurel.

10:21 AM  
Blogger chris said...

as long as we're listing the wonderfully craptacular filmography of mr. ryan, how could we have forgetten "antitrust?" hahahahaha.

10:56 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I have nothing against Ryan Phillipe really, but I think Liev Shreiber would have been cooler.

Frank, I think the way you were doing itallics is how they work on Begum (although might not be how they work on New Begum).

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Yes, exactly. Really I know how to do proper HTML italics. See? I think you're right that I just slipped into Begum mode for a second.

In general, I've been working on getting better with HTML code, ever since I had to Teleprompter through a chunk of it for Nortel LearnIT. And certainly working on the Lair has helped. (You'll note that I cleaned up your last 'Trox post, Jeff, so that the accent actually appears over the "e" in "Metis," rather than the word looking like an string of nonsense letters. Apparently, you can't simply cut and paste a word with an accent into HTML, because the code doesn't process it. You have to retype it with the special HTML code for accents. Don't you appreciate my fine eye for detail? Especially when it allows me to be kind of an overbearing dick to you?)

The problem with Blogger is that when I see I've made an error I can't go back and correct it, because response posts are uneditable. Maybe you can edit them if you have a Blogger account? I prefer not to bother with such a thing, since I don't have time to start an actual Blog, and since I'd just as soon stay off the Grid.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Also, yes! Antitrust! I've actually only seen select scenes from it. Sometimes my sister (not unlike Emory) likes to give me a play-by-play of a bad movie, showing me key scenes and then fast-forwarding through dismissable segments, all the time providing a running synopsis and commentary. My sister LOVES Ryan Phillippe.

I think what Antitrust really demonstrates is that a great way to bolster one's impression of a Ryan Phillippe performance is to cast him opposite an eternal non-actor like Claire Forlani.

Jeff, yes, Liev Schreiber would have been cooler. "Cooler" pegs the difference exactly.

Also, seriously, that's a LOT of white people.

7:53 PM  

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