Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tip "Top"

That's my Entertainment Weekly Top Model-themed headline.

So last night, about the time I should have been going to bed, I realized I'd be out and about this evening so I had better watch the Top Model premiere while I could.

The first episode of any season (sorry, "cycle") of Top Model is always the weakest, since we have to whittle down to the final thirteen (whose identies we already know, thanks to the internet) and everyone's at their screechiest and most excitable. But that still didn't keep me from making some SNAP JUDGEMENTS.

I feel sort of bad liking Brooke so much so early, but I think she's adorable and pretty charming. A.J. is probably the hottest. Megan is Kim 2.0. (Now with more heterosexuality!) Monique's already-heinous behavior might prove to be good television (the promo for next week was certainly promising), but that kind of attitude can get really old, really fast. Let's hope for another Jade, not another Lisa. Another Jade. God! Can you imagine? That would be amazing. Melrose is really grating. Uh, who else? No one else left much of an impression on me. But it's early yet.

Office premiere tonight! I might have to watch it no matter how late I get home.


Blogger Alan said...

I can't (and won't) make you stop watching that show, but I can sure as hell shake-a-my-fist at you. *shake*

11:23 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

They made this season before there was a strike. That is my rationale. Perhaps it is a weak rationale, but there it is. If next season is made by scabs, though, I am definitely out.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Frank said...

Did anybody go to the strike outside CBS? Is it safe to talk about this on the internet?

The cast of Top Model is also spoiled by the GIANT billboard I pass each morning I drive to work and the five bus-length banners I see everyday. I guess not everyone who reads this blog lives right off the Sunset Strip, though. Let me tell you, gang, it's a GREAT neighborhood.

It occured to me watching the Studio 60 pilot that the exteriors on that show are going to be a great way to reminisce about all last month's billboards. Oh, August's naked bluejeans ad, we hardly knew ye!

Jeff, remember when you said you weren't going to describe what happened on every Top Model? Me neither.

Newly discovered trivia: Heidi Klum hosts Germany's Next Top Model. Awesome.

12:02 PM  

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