Thursday, April 19, 2007

Television, television

Okay, so Emory got a new widescreen HD TV. It is RAD. We just got our new HD satellite and so now we watch as many shows as possible in sweet HD. It looks good on all shows, but on some it's seriously a revelation. So now's a good a time as any to talk about how the TV shows are going.

Battlestar - We finally, finally got around to finishing off the third season. At this point it's almost cute how wildly the quality fluctuates during any run of Battlestar episodes. As usual, a dip in the middle followed by some radness at the end. Although it was probably a bad idea to give the finale to Mark "sledgehammer" Verheiden. I thought both the haunting music and trial stuff was used to much better effect in the first part of "Crossroads." Still, points to Apollo's big speech. Also, big points for Balthar, doing or saying anything, always.

Lost - Haven't watched last night's new episode, but did catch the Juliet-centril episode in HD. Guys, HD Lost is some serious shit. There's that moment in the flashback of this last episode where Juliet gets out of the sub and sees the island for the first time, and in widescreen HD that shit is seriously GORGEOUS. And striking, and mysterious, and foreboding. It adds so much to the atmosphere of the show, seriously. As for plotting, this season seems determined to trim the fat and actually give some answers, which is the best possible response to the backlash the show's been experiencing. I've been digging this season much more than the last, which the emphasis on The Others (Ben and Juliet are great characters) and the downplaying of the less interesting members of the main cast (has there even been a Charlie flashback episode yet this season?). So good on you, Lost. Don't blow it.

Drive - From Tim "Firefly" Minear come this bit of B-movie fluff. Nothing crazy-amazing about this one yet (three episodes in), but nothing wrong with it either, and there's lots of potential for awesome down the line. The greenscreen driving stuff works better than you think it would, too, even in HD.

24 - Still chugging along. The "Jack's gone rogue!" plot has been done before, but it's still early yet. There could be further twists up the writing team's sleeve. Again, HD makes all the difference on this show, as the night lighting goes from murky to moody.

The Sopranos - Two solid episodes thus far. For those who come over to watch it at Llama School, get ready for HD!

Wrestling - The CM Punk plot on ECW remains the highlight of the entire WWE.

The Office - Still my favorite sitcom.

30 Rock - I have yet to flip my shit about this show (like several others seem to have done), but it's consistently amusing, with at least one or two big laughs per episode. Tracy's Thomas Jefferson movie preview is a highlight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

one or two big laughs per epsiode is more than any other show provides.

6:08 AM  
Blogger Hollywood said...

Why won't they just kill Charlie already? Desmond stop stopping it. Just let things be. I hope that if we get a Charlie flashback this season it means that's the episode he's going to die.

11:18 AM  

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