Tuesday, April 03, 2007


So Wrestlemania was last weekend, and a bunch of the kids came over to watch it. Leslie pulled out all the stops and made delicious Wrestlemania-themed cupcakes, and a delightful time was had. As predicted, the Money in the Bank ladder match stole the show, as Jeff Hardy basically sacrifices himself to take out Edge, diving off a 15-foot ladder to smash Edge body through another ladder. It was BALLS OUT. Then Matt Hardy convinced King Booker to get off a ladder by threatening Queen Sharmell. "I will give her the Twist of Fate! DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!" So the King climbed down and got the Twist instead. Kennedy eventually won, but not before doing a Samoan drop on a midget from the top of a ladder. That guy is EVIL.

Batista/Undertaker was impressive from both guys, and Taker unsurprisingly came out victorious. So yeah, Kennedy/Undertaker on the horizon for Smackdown. I was surprised that Benoit and Melinda retained their respective belts, and that ECW Originals got the win against the New Breed. Umaga/Lashley had enough ridiculous bullshit (including Trump attacking McMahon at ringside) to be entertaining. Cena/Michaels started out a bit slow, but at some point it just got CRAZY INSANE, with the two reversing each other's every move. It was a good finish.

I was wondering how they were going to get the tag belts off the invincible Cena and Michaels, and last night's Raw had the answer: a two-stage, twenty-team battle royale. And even then Cena and Michaels were only eliminated when Michaels turned on Cena, claiming that the tag belts were clouding his judgement. Then they put the belts on the Hardys, of all people. Not that I'm complaining. It was actually the coolest thing I've seen on Raw in quite a while. And tonight we're promised the Extreme Rules Originals vs. New Breed eight-man tag match that we should have had at Wrestlemania. Oh, wrestling. You're a good time.


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