Friday, March 09, 2007

Various goings-on

There's a new High-Quality Erotic Art up at The Lair. Yes, different than yesterday's.

Uh, I guess things have been happening? And I've been around for them? Last weekend we shot the footage for another new Atrox short, and I think it will come out quite nicely. Thanks to everyone who came over and helped out by drinking and socializing. I've been much less involved with the last two shorts, but that's just fine by me. I had plenty of input on our first batch.

We also saw Zodiac last weekend and I quite enjoyed it.

Work's been busier than usual. Lots of new contracts piling up.

Still haven't watched the mystery finale of Veronica Mars. Or this week's supposedly awesome House. But Heroes has been kicking ass, and 24 continues to be a good time. When will Jack learn to stay out of consulates and embassies and the like? He's just going to wind up in a foreign prison again.

I guess that's about it. See why I don't update much anymore?


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