Friday, February 16, 2007

The facts

FACT: Nextwave #12 is PUREST BLISS.

FACT: Ghost Rider comes out today. Will I see it? Emory's become quite taken with it (despite Daredevil's crushing awfulness), so the answer is "quite possibly."

FACT: I am sick but getting better. I am trying to preserve my strength so that I am somewhat attentive for the masquerade party tomorrow, so perhaps tonight will not contain crazy antics. Perhaps tonight will only consists of Smackdown viewing. We'll see.

FACT: I have taken President's Day as my floating holiday. Three-day weekend! I hope I am not sick for much of it.

FACT: I am almost finished with The Fortress of Solitude. I like Jonathan Lethem's work.

FACT: Last night's Office was great, and directed by Joss Whedon. Although it is kind of ridiculous that Whedon directed the episode that mentions vampires.

FACT: Seriously, Nextwave had me on the floor.


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