Saturday, February 17, 2007

Adventures in cable TV

I just sat at home last night, mustering strength for the activities beginning tonight, and cable TV saw fit to reward me by showing me some of my favorites scenes of various movies.

First, Logan's Run was on TCM, and there was only a five-minute wait until BOX. If you don't know about Box, I pity you. But rest assured it is Box's job... TO FREEZE YOU! Also, CAN YOU BELIEVE YOUTUBE DOES NOT HAVE THE BOX SCENE??? I can't. The closest I could find was this. Funny, but doesn't really give you the whole breadth of excellence that is Box. Get on it, YouTube. I am ready... and you're ready.

Second, Scream was on HBO (it's now been over 10 YEARS since that movie was realesed!), and I only had to wait a scant few minutes before one of favorite lines in anything: "BAM! Bitch went down! 'I'll send you a copy.' BAM! Sid: SUPERBITCH!" One might say that is PERFECT DIALOGUE. I might be the one to say that.

And then I got up today and thought "Man, maybe I should do something," but then Primal Fear was on USA, and it wasn't just going to watch itself.


Blogger John said...

That's true. Yesterday, I caught scenes from some my favorite mediocre movies, including Hulk, Speed, Ferris Beuller's Day Off, Contact, Scent of a Woman, and Light it Up (in Spanish).

4:45 AM  

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