Monday, May 14, 2007


Yeah, so Mayday's come and gone yet again. We got the movie in on time (not as early as last time, but still), and it was under the run-time limit by a whopping two seconds, which was fortunate, since Emory and I didn't really take that into account while writing the script. We just hoped for the best.

As is Mayday tradition, there was the period where we all thought what we were doing wasn't funny in the slightest, but then Paul edited the hell out of it and we thought it was good again, although had the typical worry that we will be the only ones to find it funny, ever. I'm not TOO worried, though. I figure if people liked "Hope, De-Koied," then this one shouldn't pose any problems.

Anyway, I slept a good portion of the afternoon (on the floor, since Paul stole my bed), and went to bed early and I'm still kind of out of it. So hopefully the sleep schedule will straighten itself out tonight.

Big thanks to Team Atrox Unlimited: Ethan, Lindsay, Danny, and especially Kim and Nell, who had to do the lion's share of the acting. You were all totally awesome and are welcome on our Mayday crew any time.

Okay, time to try and actually do some work.


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