Sunday, December 23, 2007

Adventures in flying

Maybe I'll blog a little while I'm in KC. I mean, what the hell else am I gonna do? But don't get used to it.

My flight to KC involved a connection in Cincinnati. The astute among you will note that Cincinnati is farther east than KC. Such are the magic of internet flights. Anyway, my flight to Cincinnati was longer than my usual flights to KC (I usually connect in Salt Lake), and I wound up on a nice new giant plane with TV screens in the back of every seat and satellite TV and the like. I haven't had a movie on a flight in FOREVER, so I bought The Bourne Ultimatum. Sorry, striking writers! I haven't seen it since the theater! It was cool. Then I took a little tiny plane from Cincinnati to KC. A lesson in contrasts! My flight leaving LA left pretty late, so I had a tight connection in Cincinnati, but I made it just fine! Laurel and Lindsay did not have such good luck on their respective flights. Sorry, ladies.

On the flight to Cincinnati a woman broke out her laptop and started up a movie. That movie was the Clive Owen/Jennifer Aniston bomb Derailed. What the fuck? Who owns that movie?


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