Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Draft

Yeah, so the big WWE draft was last night. I'll sum it up quickly: Smackdown got cut off at the knees. Going into the draft, they had the best all-around roster, and Raw was really struggling (with Triple H, Shawn Michaels out due to injuries and Edge off to Smackdown, Raw really only had two main eventers left: Cena and Randy Orton). So Basically Raw cherry-picked Smackdown and ECW's top guys, then shifted its dead weight to Smackdown. Amusingly enough, that actually worked out great for ECW.

Raw got:
King Booker (nooo!)
Bobby Lashely (who was duly stripped of his ECW title)
Snitsky (now he and Lashley can fued and I won't have to watch it)
Mr. Kennedy (noooooooo!)

So to make up for their lack of top guys they brought in Booker and Lashley, and Mr. Kennedy for star power (since he could easily turn face when he comes back from injury). Also, Snitsky.

Smackdown got:
The Great Khali (argh)
Chris Masters (ARGH)
Torrie Wilson (why?)
Ric Flair (man boobs!)

Just bask in that list. You'll note that no top faces are there. So if Edge retains against Batista (yet again) at Vengeance, then who's he going to fight? If only there were a face on Smackdown who's been really impressive lately and has a good-to-go fued with Edge because he hates him in real life and has been on the cusp of the main event for years? Oh yeah. And if not Hardy, Rey Mysterio will be back later this summer. You better believe I'm excited for that shit. Then again, every single belt on Smackdown is currently held by a villain. So why bring in more heels?

ECW got:
Boogeyman (yay?)
Chris Benoit (hmm)

Unlike Leslie and Emory, I don't really have anything against Chris Benoit. He actually started out in ECW, and might fit right in. We'll see. Boogeyman will do his regular schtick. The interesting thing is what ECW lost. Now that Lashley and Snitsky aren't going to be forced down our throats week in and week out, that just means more CM Punk and Burke. Sold. Plus the title is vacated, so the ECW title will actually wind up being contested and defended on ECW! Imagine! (The past few months Lashley has mostly been defending it or chasing it on Raw.) So yeah, ECW could get interesting.

There's a secondary draft tomorrow on WWE.com, presumeably swapping around the guys you don't see on TV very much. If anything interesting happens, I'll let you know.

Oh, and after the draft was over last night, they blew up Vince McMahon.



Blogger Unknown said...

That splosion was a pretty nifty trick for them. Note how you can see "his foot" all the way up to the point where he closes the door and it instantly explodes? Nice work, guys!

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