Thursday, June 07, 2007

Now TV is over

All the shows have wrapped up (except The Sopranos, but I haven't seen the last two episodes of that, anyway), so let's take a look at them, shall we? Spoilers, probably.

Veronica Mars - Aw, I'll miss you Veronica Mars, even if this season was a bit bumpy. Fortunately the show recovered from its slump for the last two episodes, which featured Veronica taking down a bunch of rich jerks in the mighty Mars manner. But then she cost her Dad the election! A down note to end on, but appropriate.

Lost - This season's "most improved" award! Seriously, by the last third of this season I was actually EXCITED to watch new episodes of Lost! I know! Even that stupid van episode paid off! And I actually liked Charlie in the last few episodes! And stuff happened! Please keep it up, Lost! The ratings drop off was the best thing that ever happened to this show.

Heroes - A pretty anti-climactic ending. Honestly, while Lost has been known for its pokey pacing, Heroes suffers from all-too-rapid wrap-ups. So did Linderman follow Nikki and D.L.'s life because he knew they would create a machine-controlling baby? Or something? Also, the details of why Peter blew up and why he couldn't fly away remain sketchy at best. Still, I admire a show that kills so many of its characters. Plus the cliffhanger for next season was ace.

The Office - Bye, Rashida Jones! I will miss you. Overall, this season wasn't as stellar as the last, but it's still TV's best sitcom.

Drive - In an attempt to get me to not watch television this summer, Fox canceled Drive. Which show will Fillion kill next?


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