Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nerd alert

So I guess they're doing a comic book follow-up to Angel season 5.

Boo to that idea, I say. Angel season 5 really summed up the basic themes of the series and ended with what is possibly my favorite final episode of any show, ever (I suppose one could get into a debate as to whether The End of Evangelion really counts). What more could be said that wouldn't just be repitition?

I mean, my displeasure is mostly born of fannish entitlement, since any continuation basically invalidates how I perceived the end of the series, but still, boo.

Can I mention how much I've been enjoying re-watching Evangelion? Frank, Leslie, and I have been showing Evangelion to a bunch of folks who haven't seen it (or at least the whole thing) before. It's bliss. Next week we wrap up the series proper and then the next week we watch End of Evangelion. I can't wait for that shit. I'm thinking some minds might be blown.


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