Monday, October 04, 2004

Credit where it's due

Sure, I give Smallville a hard time (because, y'know, it's bad) but I will say that, after seeing the second episode of this season, the woman playing Lois Lane is pretty charming and engaging. She is lightyears ahead of Tom Welling and Kristen Karunkadunk. That does not, however, make her particularly great. But I don't hate her, which is a start. Or it would be, if I ever planned on watching the show on a regular basis.

The episode also featured Michael Ironside, which is always a plus. Then it blew all the goodwill I had built-up for it by having Clark fight a T-1000 rip-off and then dispose of him the same way they disposed of Robert Patrick at the end of Terminator 2. Boo.


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