Thursday, October 07, 2004

More fall TV

We've already covered my enthusiasm for Veronica Mars, so let's see what else there is, shall we?

Well, of course there's always Lost. The two-part pilot was incredible, and last night's episode was decent, if not excellent. The next episode teaser indicated we would see more monster action, which is great. Emory noted this week that it's good that the show doesn't have a big credit sequence, or else you could tell who was going to be eaten by the horrible monster. Emory, Leslie and I's current theory is that it's an intelligence-enhanced polar bear driving a robot dinosaur. A pol-bo-saur, if you will.

You'd hate watching Lost with us. All we do is talk about robosaurs. Here's a brief exchange during last night's episode.

Me: Ooh, dark clouds. There's a storm coming.
Emory: A storm of robosaurs.
Me: They're probably robo-dactyls.

I love that crap. And while the big reveal of what's on the island with them could indeed prove stupid, I'll be around to see it. Plus it'll be interesting to see how David Fury does on a show that's not Buffy or Angel.

We also watched Despearte Housewives this past weekend, primarily because Emory is borderline-obsessed with Teri Hatcher. I don't know why, I can't explain it. But I watched the show because I'm a big Felicity Huffman fan. It's pretty amusing, but has too much voiceover, although I guess it's a little bit excused because it's a dead woman observing the action. It's Sally, from Sports Night, actually, so the pilot was like a brief Sports Night reunion, at least before Sally blew her brains out and became Magic Omniscient Voice.

So the show deals with the women and their stifled lives with the mystery of why Sally killed herself simmers in the background. Felicity Huffman's character seems the most promising; a woman who gave up a promising career to raise her three boys who she seems to now secretly despise. When she asks her husband to wear a condom and he refuses, she slaps him. Funny. Teri Hatcher seems relegated to mooning over the new guy in the neighborhood (he's more than he appears, oooh) while trading barbs with her too-worldly-for-her-age daughter. But it's not a bad start. I'm in for a few more episodes.

We also stuck around after Housewives to watch Boston Legal, and while Spader and Shatner are brilliant, all the female characters are vacant lots, which means David E. Kelly continues to be par for the course. But BOY, do I love Spader!

And on that slightly homoerotic note, I'll take my leave.


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