Friday, November 12, 2004

It's just common sense

I was just in the bathroom at work here, sitting on the john (where are you going?) and someone else comes into the bathroom. He walks straight up to the closed stall door and tries to open it. When it doesn't open (since I locked it), he then tries to pry it open, pulling on it with gusto. He only stops when I say "Ummm," walking away with a mumbled "Oh, sorry."

I don't know about you, but when I see a closed stall door, I don't assume the stall is empty. And, should I find a stall door locked, I do not think "Oh, this door must have simply closed and locked itself. I should pull this thing with all my might!"

No, I think "There's someone crapping in there!"

Is that so radical a leap in logic?


Blogger Alison said...

Somebody did that to me once while I was hiding in the bathroom at my last job. I had a killer headache, so I had my head down...kind of in fetal position on the toilet. They pushed the door, it didn't give, so they really shoved it hard, and in just the right way. The door gave and smacked me in the head. I cussed. A lot. People are stupid.

8:03 PM  

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