Wednesday, April 06, 2005

This week's comics

And now for something a little lighter.

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #1: I'll be honest. While I will never return to single-issues full-time, it's really nice to go into the comic store every other week and know that a new Seven Soldiers issue is waiting for me. This issue might be my favorite one so far, as Zatanna's loneliness gets the better of her and she accidentally sets the apocalypse in motion. Whoops! That's what happens when you dabble in the black arts, kids. Several pages of this issue resemble a sort of Promethea-lite, but I always sort of thought that a lot of Promethea was ponderous (thought beautifully illustrated) bullshit, so I rather welcomed the more grounded approach taken here. Artwork on this one is by Michael Sook, who I had never heard of until now, and his work is stellar. I've been really impressed with all the Seven Soldiers artwork thus far, and I'm really finicky about my comic art. And listen, I don't want to say that I'm like, in love with Zatanna, but, um... let's not talk about it. Seven Soldiers has yet to disappoint.

The Goon Vol. 2: My Murderous Childhood (And Other Grievous Yarns): That title's a bit of a mouthful. I've been meaning to buy the second Goon trade for ages now, and this week I finally got the chance. The Goon is an odd book. The sort of book where a lumbering muscleman patrols a city full of zombies and other monsters with his garrulous pal. His other friends are a werewolf and a giant, talking spider. Paul has described the book as "Hellboy meets Popeye," and that's right on the mark. Writer/artist Eric Powell has taken horror and pulp elements, mashed them up, and jammed them through a screwball comedy filter. I've got three words for you: "spontaneously combusting orangutans." And let's not forget the poo artistry of Peaches Valentine! Um, it's a little tough to get across how great this book is, but I was laughing out loud so much while reading it that Emory hit me a whole bunch. And Emory hits HARD. And yet I kept reading. It's that good!


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