Thursday, June 23, 2005


Is there a finer 45 minutes of British comedy than the "Bambi" episode of The Young Ones? I ask you.

Not only are there appearances by Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie (I should really watch House one of these days), and Stephen Fry, but the musical guest is MOTORHEAD! Doing "Ace of Spades"! That song rocks harder than you ever will, even if you lived to be 1,000.

I mean, The Young Ones is always really funny, but that episode just hits it out of the park, gag after gag. Like when Neil is quizzing Rik on the way to University Challenge? And Rik can't get the answers right?

"You spiteful little bastard, Neil! Just because you've done loads and loads of work for this! Just because you've done about 15 MILLION tons of work just like a GIRL!"

Then at the end they're all crushed by a gian sticky bun and fed to an elephant. It's that kind of show.

If you've never seen The Young Ones, then you are a lost soul, and I pity you.


Blogger Trumbot said...

I think my favorite gag in that episode is when Neil finally remembers what he has to tell everyone in the house and jumps up yelling, scaring the shit out of everyone.

That, and this line:

"This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence."

7:43 PM  

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