Thursday, June 23, 2005

King of the jackasses

A recurring irrational fear I have is that while parking my car, I will simply not notice that I have parked in a red zone, or blocking a driveway, or in a permit zone, and I will return to my vehicle to find that it has been towed away.

Last night my dream came true!

So fuzzy-headed was I yesterday afternoon that I parked in front of a driveway in broad daylight. Paul, Leslie, and I were going out to my car to go to karaoke only to find that it had vanished. I was out of sorts yesterday, I guess. I don't know, there's no excuse really, other than I am simply unobservant and an idiot.

Next month I simply plan on flushing 200 dollars down the toilet directly, so that I don't have to wake Leslie up at 7 AM to drive me to the impound lot.

At least it wasn't stolen. Although I would have come out ahead, financially, if it had been.


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