Friday, October 07, 2005

A slew of sci-fi/horror programming

This was a comment I put up over on Liz's blog, but I liked it enough to put it up here, as well.

Hey, do you think next week's Lost will open once again with the Jack/Desmond standoff? Just because? I think that would rule.

Anyway, here's the comment:

This season of Lost already seems to have more drive than the last one, but then 3 episodes into last season was "Walkabout", which the series as a whole still has yet to top, so fortunes can certainly change. I still feel like Lost is less a drama to be emotionally engaged in and more a puzzle to be solved. Not to mention the constant browbeaing about its supposed themes. Hey, has anyone noticed any SCIENCE VS. FAITH themes in the first few episodes this season? I think they're subtlely buried in there. But if they can keep up the quality of Wednesday's episode, I might actually stop complaining about it.

In light of Lost's chain-yanking, I find Threshold's straight-forward simplicity refreshing. The aliens are trying to turn humans into them, so they can invade in safety. Sweet. It's less a mystery show and more a "Let's fight whoever got possessed by the alien signal this week" show. Plus Dinklage. Sold.

While Threshold's stable of performers I like makes it my favorite new sci-fi offering, Surface gets 2nd place simply by showing a giant alien water monster devouring a boat whole. It was AWESOME. The show itself has its moments, but it's hardly compelling.

Invasion made the fatal error of having a totally boring pilot. I haven't watched it since.

Emory tried to get me to watch Night Stalker, but I just couldn't summon the energy. Stuart Townsend is not a draw.


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Good call on skipping Night is PAINFUL!

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