Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Completely Arbitrary 2005 Wrap-Up Post!

The best of EVERYTHING!

Movies (in no particular order)
King Kong
Brokeback Mountain
Pride and Prejudice
Me and You and Everyone We Know
Batman Begins
The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Best TV show:
Veronica Mars
Battlestar Galactica

Best Video game:

Best Comic (single issue):
Seven Soliders #0 (not particularly earth-shattering on a first read, but becomes better and better as the larger puzzle is revealed)
All-Star Superman #1
Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #1

Best Original Graphic Novel:
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Top Ten: The Forty-Niners

Best Album:
Sleater-Kinney - The Woods
The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan
Also, Gorillaz' Demon Days is really growing on me. Like a fungus.

Best Book:
Did I read anything published in 2005? Harry Potter, I guess, but I have problems with that novel. I just finished Tom Perrotta's Little Children on the plane today. It was great. Perrotta's rapidly becoming one of my favorites. Go find Joe College or Election (on which the Alexander Payne 1999 film was based) and check 'em out.

Did I miss any arbitrary "Best of" categories?

UPDATE: I DID miss one, but it's comics, so none of you care.

Best Limited Series:
C'mon, the trade's only 8 bucks. You can afford that. Maybe if the trade sells enough we'll get another mini-series out of it. But really, this title was a damn good time.


Anonymous prhead said...

Psychonauts: damn right.

Pride & Prejudice: really?

11:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff said...

Pride and Prejudice: Really! I saw it over Christmas and it was totally delightful. It's a fine adaptation. Of course, liking the book helps. (And I do.)

12:12 PM  
Anonymous prhead said...

I liked the book too. The trailer was GOD AWFUL. It made the movie look like some kind of mathematical average of Love Actually, the entire output of Merchant Ivory, and a Shania Twain video.

3:42 PM  

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